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God, dad, bless me with my new marriage after the peace in ur home. by benzrad
May 5, 2010, 5:36 am
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settled in dad’s house, in hometown village Zhudajiu.^its has been almost a week since last blog. now, after 3 days on the road, i settled in the old house of my passed dad. my aged mom cooked for me, and i enjoyed the food very much as usual. the boardband likely will working next day. it has been sunny days since my arrival. yesterday i slept a lot, amid reckons from the shrewd folks in the village, whose inhabitant mostly in family name Zhu. last night it again hard for me to sleep, i felt God, my passed dad aside me, and all of sins in the folks, esp. their wives.
the journey on the train is the tour i babbled most. in thirst for my missing girl zhou, as well as my other wives, i searched every single girl for my beloved. in my dad’s house these days sometimes those girls’ friendly atitude toward me when i sought talk with them reappear in my mind eyes, and i was deeply touched by their tender hearts for me. on the distant bus from Wuhan to Wuxue, my hometown county, the movie on the bus is a love story, the endeared moment with my girl zhou in QRRS was called forth to my mind, i was more assured that love is immortal, and my new family with my girl zhou, is blessed even stronger.

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i arrived my hometown village, Zhudajiu, in the last day of April,2010. the evil nephew accompany me from the county to my passed dad’s old house, and suggested visit my dad’s tomb at once. its all sunny days since then, God sees the land of glory uncomparable.

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