birdus, bird rocks sky. 天下羽帝。

bright day.pray in hard. songing in&last. by benzrad华中朱子卓
January 15, 2010, 8:54 am
Filed under: HelloTxt

bought myself food, partially in memory of my Guangdong girl Feng, and enjoyed in dorm. re-read my last post wrote in Holy message last night on my cell’s wap access, roamed out again when body response told me my girl missing me, reach QRRS front gate then returned to dorm, where when i picked to log, the nearby students finished their day work&flocking to their home. its all so bright! so vivid and living and meaningful! my girl zhou, pl relax urself if u tired, pl drink when u thirst. i will dream tonight in ur arms. the stars scatters in the moonless sky attending our breath together in sweet.i tasted ur sweats u scattered daytime, and smell ur body perfume in floral garden we own in mid night Heaven. i love u so, my dearest girl, Queen of China, of my Royal. seas pacified when u on dream land, mountains arrest wind wolfing like a shallow of dripping leave from moon under ur closed eyelids. bye, my dearest, bye from this lonely night we r separated temporary by God’s red wire. bye and sweet in ur heart, bye and fresh when dawn light wakes up. bye for now for the blessed, bye for God’s love among us. bye, i love u, my angel, my heart&soul.


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