birdus, bird rocks sky. 天下羽帝。

sunny all day,even weak by benzrad华中朱子卓
November 9, 2006, 7:11 pm
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when i arrived my baby first time avoided me and hide om the back of
the old woman.soon we reunited.for i spent 2 hour in the cafe near his
mother's home to try blog backup soft,its already 11 we soon
went outside to receive his mother.the door of the school locked so we
wandered outside.we later visited the grocer near the school where i
bought my baby a little bag of fried needle and let him eat.when he
refused to eat i went to the south garden grocer,intending to buy him
a bag of rice biscuit which he liked last time.but the grocer didn't
at service.we returned and found the door of the school open now so we baby disliked to sit on my neck so i shifted him into arms
and found the towel wetted by his mouthwater and freezed and let his
cheek redden.i felt very i hastened to enter the classroom
building when we met some colleagues of his of them even
offer my baby a boiled pachyrhizus,but my baby ate less.after lunch
his mother let me restore her notebook os for the antivirus soft
rising,a domestic product their school bought,didn't clean her os but
let it baby refused to sleep even his mother milked him and
tried to let him sleep.after his mother left,he soon slept in my arms
and i laid him on bed after he slept sound.but the old woman now got
up and went to the corridor to sort cabbage and woke my baby up.he
again slept after i held him in arms and i toddled with him in arms
for quite some time.later i laid him down to bed and stayed aside the
bed doubting what i need do in internet baby soon woke up and
we played some time on bed.i kissed him a lot.then i held him stride
in the waiting room and sang a lot.just when we reached his mother's
school's classroom building we saw his mother.i ate dinner there.
its a nice day with my baby.i proud of my baby and i love him more
than i love myself.i worship him as i worship god,as i worship my
grand father.he is the brightest star in my sky.
bye.i love u.kiss u with shrinked universe of my love.

dogs now captured my email to my blogger.they block my email to


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