birdus, bird rocks sky. 天下羽帝。

sunny but windy and cold. by benzrad华中朱子卓
October 22, 2006, 6:54 pm
Filed under: diary, heart

i woke up at 7:03 am and got up at 9:03 am.i headed to see my baby at baby was sleeping when i arrived,so i left to register my kid brother’s adsl service shift to our phone.yesterday afternoon i was hindered by the demand to hand in a copy of my id card.when i returned,my baby playing in the waiting room.i picked him and laid him on my shoulders and let him played indoor till her mother returned. i lunch,the old woman distracted me sometimes and my baby asked for my accompany with him to see or fetch him something by dragging my hand.his mother also glorified by his charms and glad.i told her i had now 2 blond friends on web,but she didn’t comment.after lunch she soon started to receive her pupils at home.i let my baby playing around them.the telcom told me my registery had to wait work day to hand over to workers to handle,so i can’t do anything on i left even the sunshine very bright outside of the window.i consoled myself that we have it in our hearts and have not need to bath it every times when it shine our eyes.when i left my baby was breast by his mother and he waved to me to farewell.
in the dorm i charged my pda.i laid myself on bed silently.i dozed awhile till felt cold.i rambled mindly in the peering eyes around.lately i listened to the radio.loving songs sometimes touched me and i know our reunite at our will.changing days and nights left me in changing mood,god save my love,save my restless longing for u.
bye.kiss u.i love u with torn heart.


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